General regulation

General regulation


Entering the campsite implies the acceptance and full compliance with this REGULATION, which may be supplemented separately by additional rules that the management will consider suitable for a better functioning of the campsite.



- Deposit: The deposit must be sent, according to the provided methods, within 2 working days from the request; If the customer does not respect the payment terms, the management reserves the right to cancel the reservation. The deposit will be deducted from the total balance at the payment.

- Confirmation: The reservation is valid only upon receipt of the relative confirmation, which is sent after the payment of the deposit.

- Cancellation Policy: In case of cancellation, the management will keep the entire amount of the requested deposit.

The booked period, even if not fully used for late arrival or early departure, must still be paid.



- Reception opening hours and cashier service: The reception is open from 08:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The check-out service is active from 08:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.

- Registration of documents: Upon arrival the guests must immediately go to the reception for the registration of documents, one for each guest, and view the internal regulations. The management reserves the right not to accept guests who do not present regular documentation or who are not consistent with the characteristics of the campsite.

- Camping Pass: At check-in, each guest will be given a camping pass, which allows the access to the campsite and must always be shown to the staff if requested.

- Allocation of pitch and/or living accommodation: It is the faculty of the management to take into consideration the customer's preference, but not to guarantee it. The staff reserves the right to change this preference based on availability and without notice.

The reserved pitches are available to customers from 12.00 p.m.; the pitches that are not reserved are available at any time during the opening hours of the reception.

On the arrival day (for living accommodations with reservation) we ask you to arrive by 05:00 p.m. and to notify if it is not possible. In case of no-show within the established time, the entire deposit will be lost and the reservation will be considered canceled. The allocation of the living accommodations is expected from 03:00 p.m.

- Rate, capacity and services included: Regarding the living accommodations, the maximum capacity is indicated in the brochure (maximum 5 persons for mobile home, maximum 4 persons for Cocotenda); the maximum capacity for the pitches is 6 persons.

The pitch can accommodate people with a tent or caravan plus a car or a camper. All the equipment must be placed on the assigned pitch; it is not possible to occupy other pitches or spaces even if they are free.


The daily rate is obtained by adding the price of the pitch or living accommodation (which also includes the parking of a car) to the price of the people, based on the number of occupants and any other extras (second car, trailer, dog etc...), and depending on the season. The team leader must declare the exact composition of the crew (if the management finds any inaccuracies, they have the right to make the necessary corrections to the daily price without any notice) and must immediately report pitch changes, departures or arrivals of people of the crew. The guest must check the daily price that has been communicated; any inaccuracies must be reported immediately. All prices relating to the stay do not include any municipal and/or government taxes.


The following services are included in the cost of the stay:

- Access to sports fields and to the swimming pools

- Deck chairs and umbrellas at the swimming pools, subject to availability (not bookable)

- Access to the children's playground and entertainment service (when present), with an increase in daytime activities and evening shows during the high season.


The inability to access services or the non-enjoyment of some services do not entitle to discounts or reduction of the daily rate.


- OTA (Online Travel Agencies): The displayed rates of stay may be subject to variations if you book through the portals.



- Changes in presence: The guest is obliged to always report any absence from the campsite and any return; we remind you that pitches or living accommodations left momentarily empty will be considered as occupied.

- Custody of minors: The campsite management does not exercise any supervision over the guests' activities. Childcare is entrusted to the parents, who are the only ones responsible also towards third parties, relieving both the ownership of the camping and the staff from any responsibility. Children must be accompanied in the use of the various equipment and services. Minors can stay if there is at least one adult present.

- Visits: Visitors are allowed compatibly with the availability of the campsite; their entry is allowed during the daytime (08:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.) only on foot, upon delivery of an identity document and the potential payment of the entrance fee (the visit is free if it lasts maximum 1 hour). It is mandatory to notify the management of the presence of visitors' vehicles.

- Quiet hours: Noises (games, behaviors, activities etc.) must be moderate during the day and are absolutely prohibited during the hours of silence, from 01:00 p.m. to 03:00 p.m. and from 00:00 a.m. to 07:00 a.m. (during this last period of time arrivals and departures are forbidden, such as dismantling and assembling tents, verandas etc.). Sound appliances are tolerated only if at very low volume during the day; instead they are always prohibited during the hours of silence.

- Internal viability: Vehicles can only be used for entering and leaving the campsite; this is not possible from 00:00 a.m. to 07:00 a.m.; motorbikes and motorcycles are accepted at the management's discretion. All vehicles must proceed at walking pace, both inside the campsite and in the immediate vicinity. Pedestrians and cyclists always take precedence, but they must not represent an obstacle for the circulation. The parking of vehicles is allowed in the spaces indicated by the management, which may, according to the needs, indicate to move them.

- Pets: Dogs are allowed on the campsite at the management's discretion and in any case only in the area of the pitches; it is forbidden to keep them in the living accommodations or in their immediate vicinity or to take them to the toilet and to the swimming pool area. Pets must be declared immediately upon arrival. They must always be kept on a leash (reasonably short) and taken out of the campsite for their physiological needs. The owners are totally responsible for all their actions.

- Bathing: On the beach it is not allowed to light fires, form noisy nocturnal gatherings, stop with trailers, boats and cars; in the periods of greatest tourist turnout it is not possible to access by car to haul boats from 11:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. (except in particular cases such as, for example, sudden thunderstorms). Motorboats can only approach the shore with the engine off and never in the delimited area dedicated to swimming. The campsite declines all responsibility for damage to boats moored to the buoys under concession due to: weather events, owner's bad mooring and/or thefts. It is not possible to leave on the beach: boats, canoes, windsurfing and jet skis.

- Barbecue: The use of the barbecue is allowed in compliance with neighbors and fire safety standards; the staff can turn it off if considers it dangerous. For safety reasons it is forbidden to light open flame fires anywhere on the campsite.

- Hygiene rules: Guests are required to maintain the cleanliness of the structure (living accommodations, pitches and toilets), any damage resulting from negligent use of the same will be charged to the guest. The chemical toilets must be emptied only in the special drains and never in the fountains, in the bathrooms and in the water collection grids. The water supplied throughout the campsite is drinkable and it is recommended not to waste it. The use of toilets for disabled people is possible by collecting the keys at the reception.

- Security: Guests must keep their belongings; the management declines all responsibility for theft or damage to property and persons caused by third parties and is only liable for damage caused by its employees. The objects found inside the campsite must be delivered to the management and will be kept until the right owner is found. Those who keep items that are not their own can be reported for embezzlement.



- Pitches: Guests can pay the bill only during the cash desk opening hours. The displayed rates of stay start from the moment of arrival until 12:00 p.m. on the following day (whatever the time of arrival); if the departure takes place after this time, the following night must also be paid.

- Living accommodations: Guests must pay their bill on the arrival day. The final cleaning costs are mandatory for stays from 1 to 3 nights. The keys must be returned on the morning of the departure day within 09:00 a.m.; it is however allowed, compatibly with the availability of the campsite, to park the car on the parking lot and spend the whole day on the campsite (without additional costs).



When the evacuation message is released from the loudspeaker, go on foot to the closest collection point indicated on the plan. Once you reach the collection point, follow the instructions that will be given by the emergency team.

Do not try to reach the exit by car so as not to hinder the rescue.


Disabled customers

A rescue and assistance system has been organized for disabled customers who are not accompanied by people who can assist them. These people must be reported to the Reception as soon as possible, in order to allow the organization of the necessary help in case of need.


Rules to be respected:

It is forbidden to:

1. Keep more than 30 kg of LPG in portable containers

2. Light fires (excluding those of cooking equipment) inside the living accommodations, tents, caravans, etc.

3. Use wood/charcoal fires/barbecues close to tents, pitches, living accommodations etc., if not at a safe distance

4. Keep all cooking devices (grates/stoves, etc.) close to the curtains

5. Use the areas included between tents, living accommodations, caravans as areas of storage of combustible or flammable material

6. Use candles or gas burners for lighting

7. Park the cars just before the living accommodations, tents, caravans, etc.

8. Carry out operations of transfer of portable LPG containers, or from the same to tanks of cars powered by LPG

9. Smoke in rooms where the prohibition sign is displayed

10. Carry out direct interventions on the electrical system

11. Use electrical extension cords, loose plug sockets, adapters and electrical reducers that do not comply with good technical standards

12. Use stoves complete with a maximum kilogram cylinder in a tent


Precautions to be taken when cooking food

• do not leave cooking food unattended

• clear the area around ovens and stoves from dishtowels, pieces of paper, pot holders or other flammable objects

• regularly clean kitchen appliances so that they are free of various materials, food residues or fat accumulations

• have a lid at hand in order to put out a burning pan. Turn off the stove and cover the fire with a lid. Do not use water, as it causes splashes and spreads the fire


Reception tel. nr. 0457590231 (internal emergency number)



We collaborate together:

• use the specific containers in the camping areas

• put the garbage only in closed bags

• do not throw papers and anything else on the ground, but in the bins

• do not extinguish or throw cigarette butts on the ground or in pots, but in the appropriate ash trays

• do not let the water flow uselessly! Waste is avoided and it also allows energy savings

• take care of your animals so that they do not harm things and people and do not dirty


- GLASS: Bottles, jars and glass containers

- UNDIFFERENTIATED: Adhesives, plastic jewelry, ballpoint pen, nylon stockings, used toys, broken dishes, dirty plastic dishes and cuttlery, rubber, cosmetics, porcellain, fabric, CDs, diapers and sanitary towels, plasticized paper, unusable shoes and rags, waste not subject to separate collection

- PAPER: Newspapers, magazines, books and notebooks, tetrapak beverage and food packaging, sheets and photocopies, boxes, paper bags, cardboard packaging. Dirty paper that had contact with food, fats, solvents and paints has to be thrown into the undifferentiated (Dry waste)

- PLASTIC: Plastic packaging and containers, plastic bottles, Styrofoam plastic food trays, plastic bags, cans, tinplate, , plastic plates and glasses, fruit and vegetable nets, hangers

- ORGANIC: Food waste, meat or fish remains, fruit and vegetable waste, cut flowers, dried fruit shells. Do not introduce shells, shells of crustaceans (e.g. mussel shells, clams, etc.) or animal bones, which must be placed in the container of unsorted waste, closed in bags.

In the interest of all guests, the management reserves the right to remove all people who do not comply with these regulations or who, with their behavior, compromise the maintenance of order and peace within the campsite.