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Casa Mobile Fossalta Superior

Fossalta Superior mobile home: 
new, near the lake and modern 

Installed at the beginning of 2023, the new mobile homes have every comfort needed for a camping holiday on Lake Garda. They are located near the lake so that the beach-mobile home route is more comfortable. They are partially shaded so that even during peak hours you can relax in the open air. 
They are new, so they have the latest materials and the spaces are designed to comfortably accommodate up to 5 people. 


Casa Mobile Fossalta Superior

30mq interno + 9mq Terrazza coperta

Positioned in the lower part of the campsite, close to the lake, they enjoy the breeze that blows from the lake towards the hinterland for a few hours of the day. A panacea for the whole summer period that allows you to spend your time outdoors. 
The surface is about 30 m2 and inside there are: double bedroom, bedroom with 2 single beds, bathroom with shower, sink and toilet. 
The living area consists of a kitchenette in a living room with a sofa bed. Compared to the Fossalta version, there is a dishwasher as well as a fridge and induction hob. 
Hot water in the kitchen and bathroom. Consumption is included. 
The exterior consists of a large covered terrace of about 9 square meters. Table, chairs, blankets, sheets and pillowcases are provided. 
The technological part consists of: internal Wi-Fi (unlike other mobile homes, the Wi-Fi device is located inside the house thus guaranteeing a stable and high-performance connection), satellite TV, air conditioning and heating. 

Pets are not allowed.

Technical product sheet
1 double bedroom
1 bedroom with 2 single beds
Living room with kitchenette
Sofa bed
Air conditioning
Kitchen appliances
Induction stove
Outdoor table and chairs
Kitchen with gas stove and refrigerator
Pets are not allowed
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